November 15, 2009

Philea Resort , Melaka

I would like to share my great vacation staying in Philea Resort.
if u need more info about Philea Resort,just visit this site,

i dont know what happen,the picture is messing up!
by the way,just enjoy it!

the bathroom..why must this bathroom choosen to be display?haha

if u use the aircond u dont need to switch on the fan.
but for me,i like both on okay so that i feel staying in Iceland!

The cozy bed of course!

Breakfast time!
ohh...i really dont have time to snap more picture during the breakfast because im just too busy with the buns and sausage and also cereal,,,

Nearby the swimming pools area!

the swimming pools of course i never miss this chance to swim!what a wonderful view!still early in the morning.I took this picture on the way to go for breakfast..

belive me,its really had a greeny view!

ahhh..boys just dont know how to use the shoe racks!

Its a long jurney to reach our room..unless we having a marathon!

The area of the resort is definitely spacious.ATTENTION!
The tourist is advice to take a buggy car to reach ur room okay,unless u would like to have an exercise!

Philea Resort is a luxurious and of course a comfortable places to stay in.
Its concept is more towards the nature and i love it!

this picture taken during our dinner with the Back to School theme,
everybody in their school uniforms,and also in a canteen lady attire or simple to say dressing like mak cik canteen..i just dont have the chance to take her pics..she is too busy selling kuih!

Back to School!!
mom and dad also in their school uniform!
dad in his school uniform.
mom acts as a headmistress..

i dont know LPG stands for what??
what i know is G stand for gas
Shell LPG
anyway,the students are horrible!they dance as the teachers was absent!
just look at them!

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9n0L4 said...

1st entry, speaking london. ;)

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