February 28, 2012

Suddenly missing the old days with friends . All about hostel life .
Hostel life is all about sharing , caring , laughing , studying . Hostel life tought us that we always need friends . While we were away from family , all we have is friends . We did everything together.
Eating , playing , studying and even go to toilet together . Really !
One of our regular activity was skip the classes . And of course Running and hiding from the prefects. Im not so sure why we were hardly come to class . We are not lazy , we just need something different so we choose to study in dorm .

We used to hide in the store room when the teacher are up to spotcheck . The were more than 5 of us . Maybe the teacher would be shock if they find out that so many pupil skip classes !

Talking about sharing , we used to share our belonging..we shared food , hairbrushes but not teeth brush ! Also Sharing the same bed but teachers really prevent us doing this course they think these will lead to immoral behaviours such as the lesbian thing ! In facts , it is such a crazy assumption !
We not that bad .

I have question here ! What is girl's stuff ??
No doubt , Gossiping is one of the top most girl's stuff ! Trust me !
We enjoy gossiping And these interesting conversation last for long time . . Everyone had a person to be talk about .
"hey, did u know about the girl that..."

" i heard about the boy who..."

These above words will attract our eyes then start listening on the gossip. One after another .
Oh! Is there any beneficial activity ??

Trust me! We not that bad....

We Make a big study group . We are not in the same learning course so we discuss about our common subject such as the history subject , mathematics and arabic languague .
We help each other . for me mostly im depending on my friends to teach me the arabic languague as I cant really catch up the subject in class .

Now thats really lots words from me . Okay now im going to put the 'full stop ' button .


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