August 28, 2014


"Put a donkey to study medcine. The donkey finally graduate. But can the donkey perform?" haha . This scared me a lot. I dont wannabbe that donkeyyy T_T

"U can read ur text books, but ur actual text book is ur patient. U need experience and lot of exposure, not just reading. "

"Even if u are good in examination paper, that doesnt meant u are a good doctor"

"A very good doctor will notice something wrong with his patient at one glance"

bikin cuak, this is greatly terriying!!
Inilah nasihat yang aku dengar dari seorang doktor kepada doktor junior.
I wish to be a safe,competant, kind and a good one T_T


Nastyna said...

hye cendol...lama tak nampak. may u achieve what u wishing for,.

Elly Mirsada said... r u?mishh u..

Anonymous said...

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